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Below is a list of parents whose children were not able to learn or cope in a structured learning or social environment and were not able to make progress with other professional tutoring.

Some of these children had been diagnosed with one more more of the above learning disabilities and some had not yet been tested for them.

Per parent reports, to varying degrees, all of them shared many of the barriers or symtoms.

The children who have completed the med-free program have all risen above or broken through

the barreirs inhibiting ongoing progress and are now able to make social advancement and academic progress from classroom education or traditional tutoring.

After your child has been assessed by Tracy Sherwood, telephone numbers for a list of parents wil be provided you. These parents are happy to take your calls and share their before and after stories with you. They know your frustration and are happy to help.

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Articles by Tracy Sherwood

New Techniques and approach

to reversing disconnective behaviors

symptomatic in Autism, Aspergers, ADD and ADHD

Christian had symptoms of ADHD and autism when he enrolled in my therapeutic tutorial program. We weren't making ample progress with the best therapeutic tutoring techniques, so I knew what we had to do. We had to roll up our sleeves and begin his journey out from his safe world and into ours.

We persisted patiently and Christian finally came through to a stable reversal of his symptoms without medication. In this article is a review of his 'focus program' as it unfolded:

Only seconds into Christian's therapeutic tutoring session for attention and focus, the seven-year-old boy's eyes glaze over as he withdraws from facing his tutor. Within three minutes he is eighty percent unconscious, without any hypnotic suggestion from his Tutor.

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or view Tracy's autism spiritual therapy page

Testing for missing basics and potential is more vital than testing for learning disabilities.
We can't tap into learning disabilities to make progress. We can only tap into hidden potential and seek out the missing basics.   More >>

The New Phonics and the Story Behind It
CyberNews article: Tracy Sherwood's therapeutic phonics approach 'Superphonics', change the face and future of phonics.


Phonics the Right Way & the Wrong Way

When you think of phonics, you probably think it's one method of learning to read. The word 'phonic' means 'speech sound' and it has to do with speech before it has to do with letters...  More>>>

Children are Being Taught to Memorize

without Understanding

Teaching a classroom has little in common with individual tutoring. When teaching a class, it isn't possible to know how one child is really doing or to give the individual help that is needed. Effective tutoring requires more than just knowing ‘how' the student is doing; it takes knowing what is or isn' t being understood and why, and what to do at any given moment. More >>

Could Your Doctor Tutor Your Child?

How many hours do you think doctors and mental health practioners have spent teaching kids? How can they be the experts in learning?   More >>


The Punishment Series

Stealing     More>>>

Better than Time-Outs'
My success does not come from mainstream training. I went to college years ago to become a credentialed teacher. Very early on I realized that our educational system does not provide...   More >>


Often parents turn to me for help with this and my first step is to provide the parents with understanding, solutions, and roll-play with them before expecting them to effectively help their child. Then it's quite a simple task to bring about a sense of honesty and integrity in all of their children.  More >>

Tips to Tutor Trainees

Trainees often ask me the tricks to making the swiftest progress possible with a student and here is what I tell them:

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