"Frustration comes from not knowing what to do. We aren't angry with our child; we are frustrated because don't know how to help him"

Tracy Sherwood,
& Developer of Superphonics

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

It's fall, and welcome to the Sherwood Tutoring web site where you will find information about our guaranteed tutoring services for children and adults with help for nearly all subjects and ages.

My name is Tracy Sherwood, founder of Sherwood Tutoring and developer of the Superphonics teaching techniques for the most struggling students and adults.  On this page, I will tell you about our services and answer the most frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, or to schedule a testing appointment, please call me at: 661-266-Tutor (266-8886) or 1-800-

What ages do you tutor?
I personally tutor all ages from babies & toddlers through 75. Why babies & toddlers? Because there are so many astounding things that can be done to prepare a toddler for earlier speech, reading and to tap into that enthusiastic potential and desire to learn. This is accomplished by teaching the parents some simple but highly effective techniques. School aged children have many needs. Whether they are struggling with various learning disabilities or are bright underachievers, there is help for nearly every need.

In the higher age ranges we have professionals desiring to improve in the areas of reading, spelling, writing, or basic math to improve on the job, get that promotion or change job positions. We also have college students who need some help and those who are missing basic skills to just to pass the college entry exam. Many adults need to pass the GED or teens the SAT. Some students, from elementary school through high school are doing fine and would like to prepare for early graduation by passing the High School Proficiency Test or want to prepare for an easier time in college. Many are struggling or may be years behind grade-level in one or more subjects. Far too many students are being held back or will struggle even more because they were not held back.

There are as many possible needs as there are people and we are here to help with your particular needs. Our program guarantee is usually double or triple any other advertised guarantee - if you get a guarantee at all with other programs.

Do you tutor celebrities and others in the entertainment industry?
For child and adult entertainers we have excellent tutoring programs. From early or improved script reading to keeping up with education, we develop the custom program for your special needs.

What subjects do you tutor?
We tutor all subjects from beginning reading with Superphonics through grammar, spelling, and all the way through improved algebra study. If a student cannot study his own math book and understand it, there are missing basics and difficulties in 'reading comprehension' itself. This is true for any subject one takes on. Subjects are taught with English words, in English sentences. When we master study, we can master any subject.
The most important thing is not to study for memory, for grades or for tests. If one learns to study for understanding, it will be reflected in one's grades and test scores. And with understanding, comes memory of that information.

What happens in a testing session?
If your children are being tested you will understand this well when you sit in and observe your own child's testing session... it's like a tutoring session, designed for custom programming. Testing takes about an hour and may be done in your home, or in my home in Rancho Vista. Both parents are asked to sit in and observe the testing session (provided both parents will have a say in which program your child is enrolled). Parents do not have to be fluent in English to experience what takes place.

This testing session is much like a tutoring session. I start at the bottom and work up looking for missing basics and areas of confusion. I clear up bits of these areas for the student right there in the testing session to increase confidence and inspire optimism about the future. It is much more than testing. In this session, I tap into your child's hidden potential. That potential that you knew was there but could not help your child realize. I am more interested in your child's potential than in disabilities. We cannot build on disabilities. We can only build on potential. So these are found, tapped into, and a custom program is made to enhance them while handling the missing basics that have limited your child's educational progress.

What is your experience - do you have references?
I have been tutoring all ages and subjects for 30 years and have accumulated an extensive list of excellent references from Los Angeles, Bakersfield and the Antelope Valley. Several of our success stories are posted on this web site. After scheduling your testing appointment you will be given a list of references to call. This list will consist of children or adults who are close in age and in struggles as yourself or your child. By calling these clients, you can find out the before, during and after situations of each reference. You will be able to ask questions and hear the stories of previous struggles and resulting progress by talking with our references.

Where do you deliver your services?
Depending upon where you will be coming from and your program, sessions are held either at your home or at one of the local libraries. This is not a library service but we meet at libraries for convenience for some parents depending on our schedule load and the time of the session.

When and how frequently do you deliver your services?? Tutoring days are Thursday through Sunday, day or evening based on openings. Sessions are usually one to hours, 2 times per week but may be modified to fit your needs.

What does testing cost?
We have many success stories from just the testing session! Testing is $225. If it is scheduled at the time of your first call to Superphonics, you receive $25 off. If you are not happy with your child's testing session, you are not charged for it. If you register your child for a two or three level guaranteed program, your testing fee is credited toward your program.

What does tuition cost?
Tuition varies based on your needs and test results (missing basics, goals and learning aptitude). Programs average $8,000 to $10,000 with Tracy Sherwood and $3,000 to $4,000 with Michael De Armon.

After testing, you will have a good understanding of your child's missing basics, needs and progress potential. I will get an idea of your budget and goals and make my recommendation. I ask you to observe the testing session and then I will present your custom program. You will receive several student references to call and a written guarantee for your custom program.

What are your rates based on?
Tutoring rates are based on guaranteed results rather than hours. Your custom program will detail the goals for your child. These goals are not completed until you have personally seen your child demonstrate competence in each and have signed off each goal as accomplished.

How long does the average guaranteed program take?
Guaranteed programs take anywhere from 6 sessions to a year to fulfill. Your guarantee will give an estimate of how long your custom program should take to complete.

Have more questions?
Call or email us if you need more information than what we've covered here. We're always eager to answer your questions. Contact us


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