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Curious about home-schooling? Upon request, our assessment includes information on how to get started. Students registered in our home-schooling assistance program also receive help with curriculum, programming, parental training and guidance as needed.

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Home schooling - Effective Education at Home

For children in need of serious progress, this article is a must read.

What are the steps?

1. Call to make an appointment for testing ($225)

2. Sit in and watch the testing session and see results.

3. A tutorial program is developed during testing and is discussed.

4. Home schooling questions are answered with needed referrals and steps to start Home schooling if you haven't already done so.

5. The best curriculum is recommended custom to your child with assistance in getting materials as needed.

6. You choose your tutorial program based on your budget, schedule and your child's needs. Tutoring sessions are scheduled and your child is on the way to academic success.

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Tutoring fees
Test results determine the needs for your child. Tutoring fees are usually not hourly but are based on a full guaranteed custom program. For an indefinite period of time as an introductory rate in the San Diego area, hourly rates are being offered
as follows:

$30 per hour for group, max three students

$50 per hour individual tutoring

Therapeutic Tutoring guaranteed program tuition is based on assessment results, goals, and program structure and may be hourly or flat fee with unlimited hours. This is determined after the assessment.

Demonstrative testing will reveal current learning aptitude as well as what your child's potential aptitude for learning should be once the goals are attained. It will also give you a good idea of how long it should take to reach our goals.

For a telephone consultation or testing appointment:


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Who is Home schooling for?
Parents who come to Superphonics for help with home-schooling do so for one or more of three reasons:   

1. They are working parents and don't have enough time to dedicate the help needed,

2. They lack patience and become frustrated, 

3. They lack know-how in a few or most of the academic areas and if they do know the subjects, the difficulty may be teaching their own child,

4. They want to find a homeschooling group of parents to share in the actual home schooling or social activities.   

Sometimes it's all of these.  But they have come to the conclusion that leaving their children in a system that is not providing an adequate education, is not an alternative.  They feel almost alone and are inspired to hear how many parents are home-schooling their children.  It's an idea most parents are completely in the dark about and, because they are in the dark, assume it would be too difficult to even approach the idea.

It's not difficult really, and with Superphonics, parents become members of a huge network of homeschoolers of all different backgrounds and reasons for homeschooling. The steps are quick and simple with the Superphonics route. Some parents require some preliminary training while most can learn the ins and outs with their child as they go along.  

One schedules testing at Superphonics and a custom program is made for the student.    

The Home-Schooling Program is scheduled and the student obtains Superphonics materials and additional materials are obtained as needed and can be purchased at a very low cost.  

A few simple steps are then done in sequence per state requirements and off we go!

Students are given home workbooks that they can do at home with little or no help while learning and stabilizing with study skills or getting in vital missing basics or even while learning to read.

Superphonics connects parents up with other home-schooling parents if desired to share successful actions and join in on extra-curricular activities such as sports, arts and other social events.

When the student passes the High School Proficiency test he receives a 'real' high school diploma. This is not a GED test or certification; it's a real high school diploma. This graduate of the Superphonics Homeschooling program will score well on practice college entry exams can then be scheduled for the exam at any community college or trade school.

At Superphonics, the home-schooled student is learning to master literacy and study skills to ensure mastery of any and all other subjects taken up. Superphonics students can even learn to tutor other students in areas in which they were recently weak as well as areas of their greatest strengths.

Call to schedule testing: 323-394-9422

Tracy Sherwood has been tutoring children and adults to read for 30 years.  Tracy's son, Michael, was tutoring adults and children in basic phonics at the age of seven and received his high school diploma when he was thirteen. He would be happy to take your call if you are seriously considering homeschooling and scheduled for an assessment with me.

Tracy Sherwood    -    Read my bio, it's very enlightening

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