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A Celebrity Success Story...
"I was already successful in the entertainment field, but had never pursued my real interest which was in acting. My trouble was in reading scripts. I had good comprehension if the script was read to me, and could instantly take on the part. But my problem was in reading the words. If it said 'irreparable', I might read it as 'irreplaceable' or some crazy thing like that. It was embarrassing. So I'd stuck with radio co-hosting where I didn't have to read what I would say.

When I heard about Tracy Sherwood, I thought that if she could help me with this script reading business, I knew I would get the parts I wanted in acting. It only took five tutoring sessions and on my 3rd or 4th script reading, I landed the part I wanted in a sit com and then wound up with a main role instead! Three weeks later another audition have me a surprise, and I was starting on my second sit com - also a major roll. I still have my radio co-hosting and am able to read spots and you can't tell I'm reading at all.

This tutoring program was the investment vitally needed to break into a future of acting. I think its business-wise to leave out my name, but I would say that Tracy Sherwood just might be the 'Spielberg' of tutoring.

                                         JMB (anonymous)
                                         Los Angeles, CA

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Level-One Breakthrough...
When my son Sammy was tested personally by Tracy Sherwood, I sat there in awe watching her with him. She said she had tutored since 1975 so I expected her to know what she was doing. My estimate was that hopefully she could get Sammy unstuck and able to learn something (anything at all) within a few months or so. That would be pretty quick considering no one else had made any progress with him, ever.

Tracy had me sit in on the sessions so I could gain some tips. It was so inspiring but I knew I would never be able to communicate with him the way she did no matter how much I learned. In three one hour sessions, Sammy had made four major breakthroughs in learning. One was in sounding out words, one was getting a grip on how to 'learn' to study spelling words (and he went from straight F's in school to a B on his first test and an A on his second), the third was in tapping into his own intelligence and just sort of waking up. The fourth was in concentration, which has always been his weakest area. These breakthroughs were made in only four hours and he liked his sessions with her very much.

I'm very anxious to get on with the next Breakthrough Program with Tracy. She is worth waiting for and paying for.

                                         Laura Mosiaff
                                         Lancaster California

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Message from this overwhelmed mom...
"First of all, I want you to know that Tracy Sherwood does not 'feed' academic information to children. She teaches, but at the same time, she gets them to look and think and feel good about what they have determined after looking and thinking. I especially noticed that communication is quite balanced in her tutoring techniques. She doesn't ramble, explain and then ask if they understand and accept a nod of the head and move on. She checks their understanding and has them show her they understand. If they are too far off, she guides them, teaches them, and gets them to look and think again until the light bulb comes on, which is surprisingly quick. And they get the credit for figuring it all out. She does this cleverly and with undying patience. Tracy has extremely superior skills.

We have three sons who are and always will be very different from each other when it comes to learning progress and success in life.

Our middle child, 10 years old is considered borderline genius and has always had extremely high aptitude for learning, figuring things out, and memorizing. But we knew he wasn't reaching his full potential and his future may be held back unless we provided him with as many resources as possible to reach that full potential. He has received only one tutoring session with Tracy Sherwood (besides his testing session which is very much like a tutoring session). As we watched his session, my husband and I were amazed at how Tracy penetrated deep into his untapped potential and began teaching him the tools that will make the difference we are wanting. He loves the challenge of her techniques and to his intelligence and rather than being bored with learning that's too easy, he is highly stimulated by this and can't get enough. I can see this program will accomplish our long term goals for him - to reach his fullest potential in education and stay stimulated all the while. He certainly will master study and life.

My youngest son is 7 and has been diagnosed as being borderline autistic (maybe we should get a Border Collie :).   Joking aside, David is so within himself that teachers and tutors don't know if he is learning much because he will not perform or communicate enough to show his degree of progress. But I see his progress at home when he thinks no one is looking, but it should be more. My goal for him was to bring him out of his shell and be more receptive to being taught and with receiving communication from others. If he could interact more, he would learn more and do more and gain more confidence. Again, it's only been one session other than the testing appointment, but Tracy Sherwood has my 7-year old laughing and trying to communicate. He still held back, but didn't want to! And this was only the first session. I love the way she interacts with him and brings him out of his shell. She says the first barriers to overcome is the wall to receive incoming communication and ideas. He is always receptive if he thinks no one is looking. But as soon as the teaching is directed at him, he withdraws in his protective shell. She doesn't try to get him to communicate at this point. She is interacting with him in a very fun and lighthearted way with no potential intimidation. This makes sense to me and it works. He became much more receptive. Her techniques make him feel smarter and veer so far away from being judgmental that he feels safe be attentive. In one session, he learned many of the alphabet sounds that he had not been able to learn before and it was all fun for him. He also went beyond this initial needed breakthrough and began breaking through the next barrier which is to communicate his ideas. He was trying and loved that someone was bringing it out of him without expectations or force. He is feeling the change. After this session, he has been much more communicative around the house.

Our 14 year old has always tried but has always struggled. I think he's a normal boy intellectually and has a very good attitude. He has always tried to do his homework but has always needed help and it takes him hours to do assignments that shouldn't take long. His teachers have always said he is a joy to have in class and he gets along with the other children well and that he tries to do his work. But there is some learning block there and he gets so frustrated that he often fights tears right in class. It has been so painful to watch my son try so hard for all these years and never get through to a downhill slope - ever. By the time he makes it somehow through a school year, the next grade comes with more work and higher expectations. It's been a no win situation. He just had his second session with Tracy and is experiencing great relief and hope already. I just can't tell you all the ways and techniques she has that just turns things around for him in just a few minutes. She shows him for himself, how bright and capable he is, rather than trying to convince him. She found that buried confidence that pops up once in a while when he accomplishes something, but always dies again in the next frustration. She takes him around his frustrations somehow sort of like weaving in and out of nails on the street and coming out better at the end. He doesn't even know the nails are there. She's steering and he's taking the credit for the progress being made which is what she says is very important. It's absolutely amazing. He's so happy he's almost cocky, and that's good to see.

After one testing session and one official tutoring session, all three of my children have made what Tracy calls 'breakthroughs' in hope, confidence and ability to make progress. And we sat in and saw this. We are very dedicated to helping our children but we just didn't know how to help before. Other tutors just tutored and any progress was work, work, work with no joy and raise in confidence. Tutoring with Tracy is a whole different thing. Her expertise is very expensive an invaluable investment. She masters the philosophy of children as far as how to reach in and bring out the best in the child. She doesn't demand it, it's not authoritative, it's not pleading, it's just knowing what works and loving what she does.

Each of our boys have a program custom for him, although in the long run, they will all have the same tools they will master at varying degrees, for educational success. They will always be different individually, but I see that they each can reach their own individual potential. And that's all we really want. Anything above that, would be an added blessing. Our worries melted when we stopped looking for tutors who could feed education to our boys and found a tutor who understands and truly loves kids.

                                         Jan and Ray Reynolds
                                         Los Angeles, CA

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Tracy calls this a 'Breakthrough'. I call it a complete turn-around. Whatever it is, a blessing is a blessing"

                                         Reverend Arthur Collier



Our most recent 'triple kid' success story...
This is going to be a long letter because I have a lot to say. All three of my kids were as hyperactive as hummingbirds on stimulants. They constantly bickered and couldn't sit for a second to learn a thing. None of them could read yet and my oldest is 11. I chose not to go the medication route because some study of it made me leery. I told Ms. Sherwood about each of my children, one after another in pretty horrifying detail. It made me chuckle when she said she could help my daughter with her critical attitude and lack of confidence. I was doubtful when she said she could improve my oldest son's concentration and retention. And I almost hung up on her when she said she could teach my incorrigible Attention Deficit Hyperactive (ADHD) five-year old to read! Even the average five year old has to work to read. The only reason I didn't hang up was because she guaranteed that testing would convince me and gave me a group discount. I threw up my arms and said, 'This I've got to see!". 

The testing went well for each of them. They loved her. They tuned into her. They wanted her to tutor them. All three of them gained more confidence just from that testing session. I watched it myself. My program was expensive, but I am paying for it by levels. The first level is done and the changes in every one of my children are bewildering to me. The first few sessions were a bit hectic and I could barely sit in and watch. But Ms. Tracy has patience that I have never even seen in movies. She reaches them. She touches somewhere where the confidence hides and suddenly they're learning. At home they're saying, "Ms. Tracy says this and Ms. Tracy says that" I sometimes say, "Ok, that's enough for now of what Ms. Tracy says!" But it's so wonderful to see.

It's only been a couple months and it seems like miracles. All three of them! And they get along with each other so much better. They're energy is focused and doesn't drive me up the wall. They are each so much more mature and sensible. I didn't know this would be part of the gains from this program.  If they had not improved in reading one iota, I would have been happy with their progress in personal growth. But they improved a big jumps in reading and they're all so much smarter in every way! I'm starting Level-Two for each of them soon and can't wait to see what's in store for me (I mean them). I actually enjoy their high energy now and driving in our mini van with my three hyper kids. It's pleasant now."

                                         Almeta Bradley
                                         Palmdale, CA

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Autistic success...
" Ms. Sherwood cut through our 8-year old daughter's autism. Tammy would scream and cuss when she saw Santa Clause from twenty yards away. I did not like giving Tammy meds and dreamed of finding some kind of help without them. Then we got Tracy's special needs flyer and things started to change pretty fast. We took Tracy to the mal so she could see this Santa melt down for herself. We had a photo taken six days later with Tammy sitting on Santa's lap at the mal, with a smile on her face. My husband cried when he saw the photos because he couldn't' imagine it, nor could I.

Tammy she began communicating and making sense. She learned to read small words, count, and draw pictures. All this, when just six months before, she spent her first several sessions stimming under Tracy's table. Tracy sat on the floor beside her, and the rest is history.  Tammy began to talk and sounds out words to spell and read - not just memorize. This was in 1982. Tammy is surviving on her own with little assistance from us. I wonder how she would be today if we hadn't been given that little Superphonics flyer!

                                         Kathy Nelson

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From troubled kid to complete turnaround...
Our next step with John was going to be military school. He lied, got into fights, stole from us and anyone, and was years behind in reading. He was failing high school and being passed on after being expelled from his second school. After the first couple of weeks with Tracy, John's attitude began to change. The first signs were in the area of self esteem. Part of the program was to receive tutoring ourselves in how to help John find himself and become part of the family and then part of society. He completed the program and a year later, in 1997, we lost John in an auto accident, but I am happy to write and tell you about the progress he made before we lost him so that parents can have hope for a child similar to John. To make a long story short, John caught up to grade level and learned to tutor other children. He earned possessions and began living a proud life. If I could give John just one message, I would tell him that he left a legacy. He became a man.

                                         Julie Brock
                                         Los Angeles

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I was up for the position of Fire Chief, but I wouldn't pass the test because of my spelling. I had four weeks before the test. Tracy Sherwood tutored me three times a week and I aced the test and learn to spell new words with no effort. I recommend this program highly

                                         S. H. (anonymous)
                                         Antelope Valley



When the best schools fail...
" Cory attended the most prestigious private school in the area and still flunked 7th grade two years in a row and was going to flunk again. Within four months he was getting straight A's and could tutor me in comprehension. I knew he had it in him, he was very intelligent. But he couldn't comprehend any of his subjects and somehow was missing even 4th grade basics. He worked hard and learned fast. Excellent tutoring program."

                                         W. W.



Miscellaneous Success Stories...
Michael Flores of Quartz Hill, came up 7 grade levels in reading in 7 months.

After four months of tutoring, Asia Collier of Palmdale, came up many grade levels in reading and sprung from D's and F's to straight A's... and began tutoring friends.  She's entering college soon.


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