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Serving the California cities of Bakersfield, Saugus, Valencia, Santa Clarita, Palmdale, Acton, Lancaster, Pasadena, Sunland

What is "Old-Time Learning"?
Our country was young and strong, and proper English and grammar followed close behind phonics and were mastered very early on. 

The Big Three, Reading, Writing and 'Rithmatic, formed a learning foundation, stressed every day of every year in every class throughout our nation.  Within these three came spelling (with all its rules), sentence diagramming (for advanced writing and comprehension mastery) and vocabulary, (for optimum understanding and exchange of ideas). 

With this strong educational foundation, young children were able to read novels effortlessly and were accomplished story writers.

Subjects such as math, history, and the sciences were learned through reading.  There was little class instruction in comparison with that of our time. 

With English, grammar and word pronunciation skills, students were able to understand the format of the dictionary in all its depth.  It was through this vital study resource that a student was able to tutor himself through areas of non-comprehension.

The dictionary itself was a thoroughly taught subject, and every student kept a good English dictionary at his desk and wore it well.

Today's highest honors students and some eighty percent of adults fail a basic skills test based on fifth grade academics of some sixty to eighty years ago! 

Superphonics is an unknown treasure in this country, and truly, you have come across a golden time machine. This program is for parents who want nothing but the best.

Sherwood Tutoring has four tutoring Levels

What are the student qualifications for tutoring
There are three qualifications for acceptance into a Superphonics program:

1. The student cannot be taking or have ever taken prescribed psychiatric medications prior to enrollment. (Light, brief histories are considered.) 

2. The student must have some interest in doing better.

3. Parents are involved and committed to the full program based on the student's starting level. 

Where are the tutoring programs done?
Kern students come to Tracy's Bakersfield home. Antelope Valley students come to Tracy's Palmdale home.

All other students recieve in-home or local library tutoring.

To schedule in-house or telelphone testing evaluation call toll-free

888-KFI-TUTOR (1-888-534-8886) or 661-588-4089 

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